Building the Barns

25 Jul

This has been a season of construction.  Work on the School of Ministry building at Calvary Chapel Soroti continues on.  The crew has been diligently working on plastering the ceilings and walls with cement.  The window frames are installed along with the electrical wiring.  The doors have been ordered from the local carpenter and the first of them should be ready for installation this week.  With a little paint, the inside of the building will almost be ready for use as we continue work to finish up the outside of the building.  We are thankful for God’s provision of the resources needed to finish this work.

In other places, this time of construction continues on.  Out at the demonstration farm in Obule, I have been busy with our builders there to put up the rabbit and guinea pig barn.  As a place for teaching, I am planning for a variety of hutches/housing options that will go inside this barn.  We will try to demonstrate an array of options to stimulate people’s creativity as they get ideas of what might work for them at home.  Everything from wire to sticks; bricks to bamboo; simple to complex.


Once the grass thatch on the roof is complete, the only thing remaining is to put the final coat of cement down on the floor.


The construction continues on the other side of the country.  In May, I was in Kanungu District which is in the SW corner or the country.  There is a community organization there that I am working with to set up a piggery project that they will use as part of their program to diversify income sources for coffee farmers in the area.  The organization will maintain a piggery building for demonstration and teaching purposes and will be giving out the piglets as loans to the farmers that they are working with.


They are about to finish up on their construction and I hope to go back down next month so that we can bring in the pigs and get the program up and running.

Next up on my construction to-do list is to start building a very similar looking piggery at the demonstration farm in Obule.  The land has already been cleared next to the rabbit barn, now I just need to track down our builder and we will be ready to go.

If you are interested in partnering in any of these livestock projects, please let me know.  We have a Livestock Program special project account at CVM specifically for this.


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