Turkeys making a difference

5 Apr


A report came into my inbox this morning from a student that graduated from our School of Ministry program and is now serving with me at the church as our missions intern.  Ken wrote to me about the story of faith in someone’s life that began with a turkey loan we gave out in June 2017.  In his own words, Ken writes:

“The Lord led us to a home where we met Mzee (elderly Man) Olaboro Clement and his wife Akayo Helen Grace, The former is 67yrs and the latter in her 50th. Both were very sad or looked sad at first glance, but thanks be to God they welcomed us to share with them the message of hope. In our first encounter, Mzee Olaboro and wife were inactive members of different churches; Mzee Olaboro belonged to the Anglican church of Uganda while the wife was a member of the Catholic Church; Mzee was not willing to surrender his life to Jesus Christ.

I praise the Lord for the Turkey revolving loan project which was an act of love and hope. It opened a door for us to continue ministering to the lives of the poor in our community. I being one of the students’ school of ministry, we were given opportunity to choose a Turkey loan family to benefit from the project and be able to continue discipling; God guided me to pick Mzee Olaboro Clement.

At the time I met Mzee Olaboro Clement, he was a hopeless drunkard and could not take responsibility of anything, so I had to consider his wife as the beneficiary of the Turkeys. Therefore, I continued following up with him and invited him to attend our Sunday fellowships and by the grace of God, one Sunday in September 2017, I led Mzee Olaboro through a confession prayer and he declared Jesus Christ His Lord and personal savior. Through the revolving loans’ project, I have seen and had many testimonies of how God has opened doors for sharing the gospel and through discipleship many lives have been changed and developed spiritually.

After a year’s training in school of ministry, I have learnt to develop action plans, therefore part of my action plan this year is to continue visiting our church community and disciple new believers particularly the illiterates who are less privileged to learn on their own through reading the bible. Therefore, in February I started the local language (Ateso) Bible study fellowships that meets once weekly together in the homes of the turkey families rotating regularly and after a while, Mrs. Akayo Hellen invited the fellowship to be permanently conducted in her home which is a central place for all members.

Recently as we were studying biblical foundations and were discussing repentance and baptism, all members of the discipleship who weren’t baptized, requested to be baptized and all together we baptized twelve believers including Mr. Olaboro, His wife and Daughter on 25th march 2018. We Praise God for the provision of the Turkey Project because it’s an act of Love to the communities that improves nutrition, livelihood of the People and above all, it’s opening doors for the gospel to reach the unreached. May God bless the donors and increase you greatly because we have achieved this together for the Kingdom of God.”

I love being a part of this work.  I love how God has used veterinary projects to open doors for the gospel.  I love to see my students putting into practice what they have learned in the classroom.  I love to see people being baptized and living a new life in Christ.


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  1. Rebecca Long April 5, 2018 at 11:19 am #

    Praise be to God!

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