Another week, another wall

19 Apr

Construction on the School of Ministry continues.  I hope I am not overloading you with construction pictures, but it is only because we are very excited for this project.  This will be one of our major focuses of work during our next term.


It doesn’t look very welcoming yet, but this will be the main entrance to the building.


I will soon have an office – below is the hallway leading from the main reception area to some office spaces.


The largest space in this building will be the library, where students from the school as well as pastors and other people from the community can come and study and access a wealth of educational resources.


The walls are quickly going up on the dorm rooms.  There are 6 dorm rooms in this building that will be used by our male students.  As more funding becomes available, our plan for the future is to put up a separate building that will accommodate female students.




One Response to “Another week, another wall”

  1. Susan Spann April 19, 2016 at 8:24 am #

    Its wonderful to see the progress and the commitment of the workers. I hope you will still do vet work too.

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