School of Ministry

28 Mar

In our prayer letter this month, we shared with you about a new project that we are very excited to be involved with.  Here are a few pictures from the beginning stages of the construction of the School of Ministry we are putting in at the church.  Construction has been stalled for the last week as the city’s water has been out and so they were not able to mix cement to complete the foundation.  Assuming the water supply is back this week, work on the foundation should be finished in the next week or 2.  Below the pictures is a short excerpt  from our prayer letter describing the school.


The foundation for the school.  In the background you can see the existing church compound with the main church (left) and the children’s ministry building (right).


The beginning stages of construction.  All the bricks, sand, and stones for the foundation and the walls are already on site.  

Our in-country partner, Calvary Chapel Soroti, is moving forward with plans to establish a School of Ministry.  This is something that we have been praying about within the church leadership for almost 2 years, and God has finally opened the door.  Essentially, it will be a program for young men and women to experience a year of intensive discipleship, Biblical teaching, and to gain the tools necessary to send them out in ministry.  From our humble facility, we hope that we can multiply discipleship efforts by sending out the next generation of Christian leaders to impact their own communities in Teso, Karamoja, West Nile, and beyond. 


Our architects’ planning for the future School of Ministry – this building will include dormitories, a library, and office space.

God has blessed our church greatly by providing opportunities over the last few years to acquire additional land surrounding our current property.  In addition to this land, we have been further blessed with enough funding to begin construction of a facility on the land to house the school. 

A very special thanks to those who have faithfully supported our ministry over the last several years as we were able to leverage some of these funds to help cover the cost of this building.  There are still some funding needs to be able to complete the structure and launch the school – please contact us directly if that is something you can partner with us in so we can share with you the details.  Please also pray for the construction process over the next several months – we will try to share pictures as we progress.  Also pray for the students; that this facility will be a blessing to them and their future ministries. 


2 Responses to “School of Ministry”

  1. annlpowell March 28, 2016 at 6:12 am #

    This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing! God bless you and Rachel as you advance His kingdom! We are so proud of you! Ann Powell

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  2. Juanita Long March 28, 2016 at 9:55 am #

    I, so much, love to hear of your work there. The pictures are great too! Praying for a safe R and R visit. Love and continuing prayer . . .

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