Another Picture of a Dinosaur!

29 Aug

Day 12…

Today is the last post of our 12 photos in 12 days (I realize that this one is actually a day late – it should have been up yesterday, can I blame it on the time difference?).


The reason that I am a day late is that we had to make a last minute trip down south.  We have made 2 previous unsuccessful attempts at getting our driving permits here, so we contacted a friend to give us a little help – a driver that we have worked with frequently.  He knew that we could get through the process more quickly at the Jinja office (we don’t have all the services here in Soroti so it is a bit of a challenge because you have to make several visits to the local office and then several trips to Mbale which is about an hour’s drive from here – the whole process taking weeks).  With the help of our friend, we were able to get through the whole process in just a few hours – actually about 6 hours.  We still have to go back in about 2 weeks and pick up our actual permits, but it is such a relief to have that confusing and complicated process done.


So we ended up spending the night in Jinja – since we were there, we decided to take Nathan out for a boat ride on the water to see the official “Source of the Nile” where the river starts from.  In the 3 years since we have been here, we had never gone out to see it so it was a fun little outing for the family.  And yes, there is a dinosaur on the edge of the Nile in Jinja; who knew?


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