The Bible in Karamojong

3 Sep

Just wanted to share something that we came across the other day. It’s the Jesus Film in Karamojong! I thought I would post a link here so that you can listen to the Karamojong language. Our first couple years in Uganda will be full of language learning. English is the official language of Uganda and children learn it in school (The Queen’s English, that is) but a high percentage of the people we will be working with have not had the opportunity to attend school. So, we’ll be learning Karamojong.

Speaking of the Karamojong language, we were really excited to get to see the first edition of the Karamojong Bible while we were in Uganda this year. It is easy for us to take for granted how AWESOME it is to have a Bible in your own language because we have access to so many Bibles in every version, color, and size that we could ever dream of. So we buy them, lots of them, and then they sit around the house collecting dust.

Then it happens, you fly thousands of miles away and and you hold a Bible…the very first edition of this God-breathed book in Karamojong…in your hands and realize that you’re holding a book that can change the world. It’s overwhelming. It made me want to read my Bible more and to thank God that I have His Word in a language that I can understand.

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) in the Karamojong Bible


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